My Dream Companion aims to cultivate role model visually impaired individuals and inspire them to bring innovations.

My Dream Companion Project, which was accomplished by visually impaired YGA graduates, provides access to
technology and information for 150 thousand visually impaired individuals. In 2014, it was awarded
the first prize in GSMA Awards, which is considered as the Oscar of GSM sector,
in the category of “Social and Economic Development”.

In 2016, My Dream Companion Project is awarded the first prize again in GSMA Awards and has become
the first project ever which has received first price two years in the world in GSMA.

My Dream Companion project member and YGA Graduate visually impaired Duygu Kayaman is chosen
as the Pioneer Innovator of the year in “Innovator Under 35” which was organized by one of the most prestigious universities
in the world, MIT
. She is also granted with “30 Under 30” award by Forbes Magazine.

Who has contributed to this project more? Maybe Selim has contributed less or Duygu has contributed more, maybe Kürşat has contributed less or Gökhan has contributed more. That doesn’t matter! Selfish and competent people may achieve together but this success doesn’t last long.
They are able to access to the most current intellectual contents via My Dream Companion
With My Dream Companion, visually impaired individuals can have a free of charge access to the most current news, the columns of the columnists, thousands of audio books, hundreds of educational contents, daily horoscopes, popular and the most read magazines, location finder, weather forecast of any city, the closest pharmacy, hospital, restaurant, exchange rates and even goal information of the t
My Dream Companion was launched in 2011 with the strategic partnership of Turkcell. Visually impaired individuals can access to My Dream Companion via the web site or by calling 8020.
They can walk around independently in shopping mall with My Dream Companion
Thanks to I-beacon technology integrated with My Dream Companion by YGA Graduates, visually impaired individuals can have audio navigation in shopping mall and walk around independently.
Audio description in movie theaters is
a first in the world
Visually impaired people can receive the audio description of movies in cinema via My Dream Companion without any extra equipment, apparat or program. Thanks to the voice recognition technology of My Dream Companion, Cinema visually impaired people can watch movies in theaters at the same time with everybody without missing any detail.
How Does My Dream Companion Cultivates Role Model Leaders?
In this camp, I have learnt to have realistic dreams, I have broadened my vision when I met with visually impaired sisters and brothers.
Zeynep Sena Kara, Visually Impaired Star
I have never thought that this camp may have such a big influence on my son. Now, he is confident and believes that he can achieve anything.
Ümmühan Ünal, Mother of Salih Ünal