Aiming to extend science and technology to every corner of Turkey.
With this project;
• The idea that science is challenging and boring transforms into love for science.
• Our children are prepared for the professions of the future.
• The technological opportunities of children in private schools become available to the children in need on every corner of Turkey.
Science Migration to Anatolia

With 'Science Migration to Anatolia', we aim to make children, who grow as strangers to science and technology, love science and access technology.

The visually-impaired, Syrian immigrant and state-protected children at the age of 12-13 attend the program. We aim to increase their interest in science and their self-confidence by organizing science sessions, where they can find out the operating logics of the latest technologies. While the children learn to dream in these sessions, they also design projects together for the conscientious technologies of the future with these dreams. In this project, Twin Science Kits designed and developed by YGA engineers are used.

Common Language is Science

And with this project, we aim to reach a total of 7000 children in 50 cities within 3 years with Yapı Kredi volunteers for state-protected children, LC Waikiki for Syrian immigrants and Turkcell for the visual impaired.

Bilim Göçü

You can watch the commercial of 'Science Migration to Anatolia' that we carry out together with Yapı Kredi volunteers by clicking the following link.


Twin is an informing and entertaining science kit that is composed of
do-it-yourself experiments designed exclusively for children to make them love science.
It teaches the operating logic of technological devices using electronic blocks that can be connected easily with the help of magnets.
As the children build circuits, they learn faster thanks to the color groups and remember what they had learned easily later.

Within the scope of 'Science Migration to Anatolia',
we organize science sessions for disadvantageous children each week to conduct unique experiments using Twin Science Kits with the goal to raise them as self-confident individuals.
You can also give science scholarship to a child in need. With these scholarships,
Twin sience kits are sent to a science teacher in a disadvantageous school.

If you are a science teacher e-mail [email protected]’ to send us your request.

Bilin Deneyin TV Show

Bilin Deneyin is a television show that is prepared and presented by YGA members and broadcast on CNNTurk at 16:15 every Sunday.

Bilin Deneyin aims to make science loved with entertaining experiments conducted with famous guests and children.

Science Center

At the science center that will be named after Prof. Dr. Aziz Sancar, the children will have the chance to interactively experience the latest technologies and perform scientific activities.
The science center, whose design and content already began to be developed by YGA members, is planned to be opened in 2019.

Reference: Boston Science Museum

You can also support Science Movement by awarding science scholarship to children on every corner of Turkey.