Take Strength from the Heart aims to cultivate orphan students as role model leaders.

Maintenance people attend to trainings from Doğan Cüceloğlu. It is observed that those people’s
communication has significantly improved. They have started to fulfill their responsibilities of maintenance
more mindfully and willingly rather than as an occupation.

12 students at 6 th and 7 th grades attended to the program for 10 weeks. Normally,
the attendance of students to such long-term projects were less when compared to some other programs,
but in this project children attended to the program willingly every week.

The behaviors of the children have shown a significantly positive change and this situation
 has influenced other children, as well.

The confidence of the children increased and they started to believe that they can do better at the end of the term.

Prof. Dr. Doğan Cüceloğlu, Psychologist & Writer
At the infancy and young childhood period, a child who feels to be loved and cared looks at the future with hope. This project makes a big step by giving education to sisters and brothers who are in contact with those children. I’m also so glad to be one of the volunteer academician educator here!
How Take Strength from the Heart Reach to The Orphans?
Children tell one another what they have learnt in the project when they come home and they share science kits with their brothers. Thanks to this project, children have shown very positive changes.
Malatya ‘Sevgi Evi’ Maintenance Person
The children used to avoid telling their dreams by thinking that their friends may make fun of them. Now I can see that they can confidently share their dreams.
Leader coach Elif