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Young Leaders Program aims to cultivate high school students as leaders who can succeed in succeeding together.

The program which is specially designed for 10th graders lasts 2 years.

I used to think that we don’t give enough opportunities to young people in Turkey. However, after meeting YGA, I realized that this situation has changed a lot. YGA is going to create the future of Turkey.

Mehmet Toner, Harvard & MIT – Scientist

Although i am an introvert person, the trust culture/climate of the camp made me feel very peaceful. I both enjoyed it and felt that everybody was improving one another.
In other places, only the success stories are told. for the first time, i witnessed that we put what we learn here into action.
The sincerity that YGA leader coaches have is the thing that I have never seen anywhere else. They believe in us and they make us feel like they will always be there and help us whenever we need them.
I have learnt so many new and interesting things in the YGA Camp. This camp helped me gain my self-awareness and it also widened my world.
How Does Young Leaders Program Cultivate?
In YGA, we dream and at the same time we produce breakthrough innovations. I have never seen any other program in which those two are included.
Rukiye Müge Gümüş, Kadıköy Anadolu Lisesi
It feels great to be a part of a very meaningful action for a better world.
Rabia Demirelli, Robert Collage
YGA Camps are extraordinary camps in which the leading names of Turkey give speeches.
Erhan Erkut, Ph.D. – Academician

YGA 2017 Kırsal Kamp Mezunları