YGA Is A Leadership School.

YGA is a non-profit organization founded in Turkey in 2000. YGA cultivates selfless leaders to realize the dream of a brighter future for the younger generations.

To achieve this goal, each year YGA evaluates more than 50,000 applicants from 200 universities in Turkey and other prominent universities abroad. Among those students, 50 of them are chosen as YGA volunteers. YGA raises selfless leaders with social responsibilities. YGA engrains the sense of conscious contentment by serving voluntarily to the disadvantaged members of the society.

YGA volunteers attend the YGA Leadership Summit, camps and work sessions with the highlighted mentors who are already prominent figures of the national and international arena. The members of YGA sponsors and dream partners consist of Prof. Dr. Doğan Cüceloğlu, Ahmet Bozer and Mehmet Toner, Güler Sabancı, Muhtar Kent, Hüsnü Özyeğin and Cem Kozlu, among others.

YGA students devote more than 5,000 hours voluntarily to social responsibility projects. The YGA volunteers who show outstanding progress in leadership workshops may attend the YGA leadership camp which takes place in London, New York, Boston and Silicon Valley. YGA has currently undertaken joint programs involving orphans, people with disabilities and renewable energy with Harvard University, MIT and UC Berkeley.
Mobile Phone Technology to Assist Visually Impaired People project has been awarded GSMA award for the second time in 2016.
The “Technology for people with disabilities” project has been recognized as being
worthy to stage the YGA conference at the United Nations on June 16, 2016.
YGA members have built the world’s first hybrid geothermal power plant and “Floating Solar Energy” on dams.
2 YGA leaders were chosen as Pioneer in "Innovators Under 35" by MIT.
YGA has been awarded “The Best Workplace” in 2016.
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