Grateful to Have You

Aziz Sancar

The energy that I see in YGA Family is something that I cannot feel in any other place of the world.

Ahmet Bozer
Coca Cola International Former President

YGA is an unparalleled leadership school that I never heard of in the world.

Hüsnü Özyeğin
FIBA Holding President

What YGA offers to the youth is beyond school education and learning. You provide significant contribution to the lives of tens of thousands of young individuals, doing what universities can't.

Mehmet Toner
Harvard & MIT Professor Professor

YGA invests in the infrastructure of knowledge and science that may place us among the greatest economies of the world in the future. It makes great effort to raise young people, who question and search.

Sani Şener
TAV Holding CEO

My hope for the tomorrow increase as I see the great work you do, the love to achieve together and the culture to build brick by brick.

Begümhan Doğan Faralyalı
Doğan Holding Chairman

21st century needs new leaders. And I believe YGA will raise the new leaders of Turkey and even the world.

Sevinç Atabay
TED General Manager

We are a family of YGA people for 3 generations. YGA is a platform with a great multiplier effect and a plant involved in mass production of social entrepreneurs. It is a great honor for us to support the training of young individuals with Small Egos, Large Hearts of the future.

Murat Özyeğin
FIBA Holding Board Member

YGA adds value not just to Turkey, but to the world with its social innovation projects.

Mehmet Büyükekşi
Ziylan Board Member

At YGA, we look at the future, not the background.

Cihangir Kavuncu
UniCredit HR COO

YGA changes the definition of the word 'dream'. Dream is mostly used to define unachievable, empty, not down to earth things. But YGA dreams to build and makes them real.

Burak Sevilengül
Etisalat CCO

YGA is the best great investment to the future. It is to stay and try until things change, not walking out on them. It is to be proud.

Ozan Şener

The difference created by YGA team by putting their souls and sweats into it is rewarded for second time at the heart of technology world. I am proud to be a part of YGA.

Kaan Terzioğlu

YGA’da yapmaya çalıştığım en önemli şeylerden birisi birlikte başarmayı öğrenebilmek. Bunu biz şimdi önümüzdeki zamanlarda şirketler arasında da yapabilmeyi istiyoruz.

Emre Zorlu
Zorlu Holding Executive Board Member

YGA Respect for your memories

YGA is a long searched dream shaped in flesh and bones.

Doğan Cüceloğlu
Professor & Author

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