Global Impact Program addresses young people to help them
in their journey of becoming a role model of the future and the pioneers of social transformation.
Global Impact Talks brings together university students in their first year
from European and the US universities
before they proceed to their new life. Apply for Global Impact Talks.
For whom?

Global Impact Program is designed for high school or university students who study abroad, eager to use their education, knowledge, talent and competence to help the primary education students, enthusiastic to become role models of the next generation with their wings of conscience and knowledge, aspiring to increase their experience through 'learning by teaching' method, willing to improve together with their teams and open for growing together.


Global Impact Program is composed of 3 phases: Discovery, Training and Improvement.


Discovery program is the first phase of Global Impact Program. It is composed of two stages: Global Impact Talks that are held in May and Global Impact Camp that is organized during summer.

Fresh Year Talks A meeting where the students going to overseas high schools or universities and the students getting ready
to start their education in September meet and take inspiration from both the experiences of each other and the teachings of YGA Speakers. The participants also learn the details about the Global Impact Program
from individuals who have personally attended the program.

Global Impact Camps A 4-day camp where the students who applied and selected to Global Impact Program get together for the first time. This camp has two important goals:
Know Self | To discover yourself and your core values while questioning what you are thinking and what you want to think, what you are feeling and what you want to feel with Metacognition. Know How | To gain the knowledge required to create unparalleled projects.

At Global Impact Camp, the participants meet with the leading names of both the business world and the academic world such as Harvard&MIT Professor Mehmet Toner, Facebook CEO Derya Matraş, Fiba Holding Chairman Hüsnü Özyeğin and Berkeley Professor&Peace Corps Director Kristiana Raube.

Science sessions are held with the primary education students, who come from village schools and children houses all around Turkey. Mentorship sessions are held with the primary education students, who study at the best schools of Turkey such as Koç, Enka, Hisar and look up to their big brothers and sisters attending Global Impact Camp.


Training program is the second phase of Global Impact Program. At this phase, Global Impact Team tries to raise the primary education students of YGA in two different profiles as double-winged young individuals with both conscience and knowledge.

Stars Leadership Program Global Impact Team mentors the academically successful primary education students, who study at the best schools of Turkey such as Koç, Enka, Hisar and see them as role models, in order to raise their self-awareness and social awareness.
Mentorship program is set on an online platform. This program removes the obstacles between the Global Impact Team studying abroad and the primary education students studying in Turkey such as being in different geographies and having time difference.

Science Movement Global Impact Team members organize Science Sessions with the students of village schools, the students under government protection in the Houses of Love, the students with vision impairment and the Syrian refugee students within the scope of the Science Movement when they come to Turkey for semester break or New Year holiday. We increase the interest of children growing distant to science and technology
in these sessions, and improve their self-esteem by teaching them
the operating logic of cutting-edge technologies with science set.

Curiosity Trailer Global Impact Team visits the disadvantaged villages of Anatolia and distributes the science sets to the children of these villages when they return to Turkey for summer.
They launch a crowdfunding campaign on for the science sets that they will take to these village schools. These sessions increase the interest of students growing distant to science and technology, teach them the operating logic of the latest technologies using science sets and thus improve their self-esteem.


Improvement program is the third phase of Global Impact Program. In this phase, Global Impact Team works with the different teams of different YGA projects, and help these projects to expand from Turkey to the world.

Global Impact Team

Ahmet Cem Karadeniz
Columbia University
Begümhan Kurdoğlu
Columbia University
Bora Bayram
Millfield School
Can Yeşildere
Harvard University
Ece Arı
Boston University
Rabia Demirelli
Lafayette College
Can Ferhatoğlu
Ege Çavuşoğlu
Washington University
Pelin Çetin
Columbia University
Deniz Özbay
Lafayette College
Yiğit Sönmez
Harvard University
Inci Gürun
University of Pennsylvania
Global Impact Community

Each student that went through the Discovery, Training and Improvement phases of the Global Impact Program becomes a part of Global Impact Community.

Global Impact Community continues to mentor YGA students and support YGA projects using the education that they took and the knowledge and competence that they gained. They attend the events held in UK and Italy where there are YGA offices, and USA where YGA is active besides Turkey.