Become a Global Change Maker
Global Impact Middle School is a social innovation program designed specially for 7th grade students.


Do you look for the better and the beyond?
Do you even question your own knowledge and ideas?
Are you willing to succeed in teamwork?

Then this program is just for you!
Global Impact Middle School is designed for 7th graders who want to improve both themselves and the world.
"YGA model’s approach enables learning in the best way.
It is based on the concept of role models, internalizing and improving upon what you observe in your role models."

Doğan Cüceloğlu
Observing Right Role Models
Role Modeling by
Dream Partners
YGA platform contents; Success recipes of YGA Dream Partners that you cannot find anywhere else, In-debt conversations with dream partners about specific questions at the camps
Dr. Mehmet Öz
Columbia Prof.
Memet Toner
Harvard, MIT Prof.
Kristi Raube
Berkeley, Prof.
Aziz Sancar
Role Modeling by
YGA Alumni
Live broadcasts and project sessions with YGA Alumni who conducted successful social innovation projects worldwide
Edison Award Winner WeWalk Co-founder
Cemil Cihan ÖZALEVLI
MIT Under 35 Award Winner Twin Co-founder
Piri Co-founder & CEO

Role Modeling By Leader Coaches

Leader Coaches are selected with 5-phased interviews every year by the YGA Advisory Board among applications
made at YGA Summit.

Leader coaches receive more than 1000+ hours of training from dream partners and YGA graduates,

volunteer on the field projects for 3000+ hours, and improve their leadership skills by making decisions and undertaking responsibilities.

One-to-one working with leader coaches


Field-based learning

Leadership skills improve by owning responsibilities and making decisions.
Peter Drucker

Work together to identify the problem, explore the solution and make it real.
Be one together, and let others join.

Stars improve by taking responsibilities in the social innovation projects of YGA.
At the camps, they form teams and work on remarkable social innovations by YGA Alumni. And the ideas they produce at the camp are implemented by YGA Alumni. See below for examples of projects that are based on the ideas of our Stars. YGA’s next social innovation project will probably originate from the camp work of our Stars.

Examples of Star Inspired Projects

My Dream Companion & WeWALK for the Visually Impaired

They inspired Edison award winning, the world's smartest cane WeWALK and the world's number one app that enables 150 thousand people with vision impairment to access latest news, latest columns, thousands of audio books and training.

Twin Science Kit for Growth of Science Love in Children

Twin is an informative and fun robotic set and online platform that improves the imagination of children. YGA Science Movement has delivered these star-inspired science sets to thousands of children so far.

Stars Leadership Program is developed in cooperation with Columbia and supported by the strategic partnerships of
Stars Leadership Program is developed in cooperation with Columbia and supported by the strategic partnerships of
Stars have the university students, who graduated from the program before, as their mentors. At Seed Journey, the final step of Global Impact Program, these mentors get together with the stars.
Some of our Program Graduate Mentors
Harvard University
Columbia University
Can Toraman
Koç High School
Yasmin Ortaeskinazi
Ege Çavuşoğlu
Washington University
Which Competencies Does
Global Impact Program Offer?
Harvard University names 3 rooms in its recipe for success.

Dream Room
  • Grateful & Hopeful
  • Considerateness
Deep Dive &
Impact Camp
Project Room
  • Create - Connection
  • Intellectually Curious
  • W3D
Impact Lab &
Seed Journey
Entrepreneur Room
  • Decision - Making
  • Grit & Resilience
  • Evaluation

YGA Program aims to raise stars, who make the best of these three rooms, who dream and who design projects and implement them. The technologies of YGA such as the world-recognized WeWALK Smart Cane, Turkey's first floating solar energy system Hydrosolar and early science love improver TWIN Science Set are all based on the ideas developed in this program.

Stanford University Advisory Board states that the most important quality a leader should have is "self-awareness". YGA program improves the self-awareness of stars with the "Observing Right Role Models" process defined as the best way of learning by Doğan Cüceloğlu.

The world’s top universities, which are also YGA Strategic Partners, including Harvard, Columbia, Brown, MIT and Berkeley emphasize the importance of new competencies as the desired qualifications.

These competencies to be gained on the path of becoming Double-Winged Entrepreneurs producing a world-wide effect will be internalized and realized by our stars while taking responsibilities in YGA social innovation projects.
Program Details
Stars Leadership Program is composed of 5 phases.
The stars selected at the Discovery Hub continue to Deep Dive.

Discovery Hub
November 2020 - January 2021
  • 10 weeks online program
  • Teachings from YGA dream partners and YGA graduates
  • Classrooms based on interests
    • Technology and science
    • Visual Arts
    • Entrepreneurship
Deep Dive
April 2020 - June 2021
  • 8 weeks online program
  • Small groups of 5 students
  • Online meetings with the leader coach and team for in-dept concept discussions
Innovation Camp
5 Days - June 2021
  • 5-day social innovation camp
  • One-to-one leader coach mentorship
  • Developing technology-based social innovations
  • Sessions with YGA Dream Partners
  • Adult training about achieving together as a family
  • Star Track Report
Impact Lab
November 2020 - January 2021
  • On-site responsibilities
  • Online interviews under the mentorship of leader coach
  • Science movement leadership at their own schools
Seed Journey
3 Days - August 2021
  • 5-day rural camp experience in Anatolia
  • Science session with disadvantaged children
  • Mentorship of program graduates studying abroad

Star Track
Star Track is a self-assessment model developed for our double-winged young individuals giving us hope for the future
to know themselves better.

Star Track is a self-assessment model developed for our double-winged young individuals giving us hope for the future
to know themselves better.

Why do we have Star Track?

To improve self-awareness (know-self)
To help them recognize their interests
To discover their strengths and improvement areas, and to focus on strengths
To raise their awareness regarding the competencies required to succeed in the future
To increase their personal awareness regarding their own attitudes in an environment where one improves the other

Stars respond to the questions handed to them to discover their interests. Then Leader Coaches and YGA Graduates hold group interviews with the stars to understand their interests in detail.
The stars assess themselves regarding the 6 competencies required for the 21th century based on the conducted studies: Considerate, Hopeful, Curious, Creative, Decision Making, Grit.
Attitudes that are named by the YGA experts after years of field experience are behavior indicators required for an environment where stars improve each other. These indicators are observed by the leader coaches selected from 50,000 applicants by YGA Board with 5-phase interviews. Leader coaches forward their observations to the stars in their Star Track report.
Future Trends
This section is composed of the competencies of the future, trends, suggestions and inspiring stories of YGA Dream Partners.
My daughter has understood the importance of being able to succeed together to accomplish any goal in her life. The concept of succeeding together is very crucial for anyone who is going to be a citizen of the World in the future.
Ümit Leblebici, TEB General Manager
Bu yaz kızım yurtdışında bir çok programa katıldı. Ama YGA onların çok ötesinde bir yerde.
Kamuran Uçar, Unilever Orta Asya, İran Genel Müdürü
eşke benim zamanımda da YGA olsaydı, kendimi geliştirmek için Amerika’daki Liderlik Kamplarına gitmek zorunda kalmazdım.
Murat Özyeğin, FİBA Holding YK Üyesi
YGA’nın gençlere sağladığı şey okulun ve öğrenmenin çok ötesinde. On binlerce gencin hayatına büyük katkı sağlıyorsunuz, üniversitelerin yapamadığını yapıyorsunuz.
Prof. Mehmet Toner, Harvard & MIT
Benzersiz bir deneyim.
Miray Topal, Harvard University
Oğlum Can ve kızım Su sayesinde 8 yıllık bir YGA velisiyim. İkisi de YGA yolculuğu boyunca çok değişti. YGA’da geçirdiği süre boyunca iyi soru sormayı ve hayallerini nasıl hayata geçireceğini öğrendiler. YGA benim için, Türkiye için umut. YGA, donanımlı ve etkin bir şekilde çözüm yaratabilen insanlar yetiştiriyor.
Özlem Yeşildere, Koton CFO
Program Application and Contact
Gasia Çavuşyan
Program Leader
[email protected]
Feyza Fulden Küçük
Program Leader
[email protected]
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