Science Movement

By sending the latest technologies to the most disadvantaged regions of Turkey, Science Movement aims to raise free thinkers, unique creators and confident individuals.

Science Movement
• ensures equality in technology opportunities by providing the science sets of private schools to the disadvantaged children.
• prepares the children to the professions of the future by supplying the materials required for the robotics and coding lectures added to the curriculum.
• raises children familiar to science, who contribute to growth and development by showing the courage to be confident professionals, entrepreneurs and investors.

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Twin is a fun and informative robotics & coding set that improves the imaginations of children.

It is composed of modules that can be connected to each other with magnets.

Thus, the children can easily produce the latest technologies such as robots and autonomous cars.

For more information, visit www.twin.com.tr

Within the scope of 'Science Migration to Anatolia', we organize science sessions
for disadvantaged children each week to conduct unique experiments using Twin Science Kits
with the goal to raise them as self-confident individuals.

You can also give science scholarship to a child in need. With these scholarships, Twin science kits are sent to
a science teacher in a disadvantaged school.

Know & Experiment TV Show

Know & Experiment is a 14-episode TV show on CNN Türk prepared and presented by YGA members.

Know&Experiment aims to make science loved with entertaining experiments conducted with famous guests and children.