• Work with the teams behind Twin, WeWALK and Hydrosolar, global award winning tech companies started by YGA Graduates, and take an in-depth look at the work they do - from creating tech driven solutions for visually impaired to building integrated systems for sustainable energy.

  • Learn from YGA Advisory Board which includes scientists, academicians, entrepreneurs, and business leaders like Harvard & MIT Professor Mehmet Toner, Rolls Royce Regional Director Patrick Régis, Facebook Country Manager Derya Matraş, Google UK Executive Bekir Topaloğlu and Annie Radl from Social Tech Trust.

  • Take a journey to know yourself, while surrounded by great mentors and reach your fullest potential.
  • Work with the graduates of Global Impact High School Program, who are studying in leading universities around the world like Harvard, Columbia, UPenn, Berkeley, Technical University Of Munich, Sciences Po, Georgia Tech, Boston, Lafayette and so on.

  • Inspire younger bright minds in disadvantaged conditions. Teach them how to build an autonomous car, line following robot or code with Twin Science Kits.

  • Devote your volunteer hours to impactful social innovations which provides tech driven solutions to society’s wicked problems. Challenge yourself and your team to work on a real social problem, develop a tech driven social innovation and pitch your idea to YGA Advisory Board.
For Who?

Global Impact High School Program is designed for the students; who are

  • Conscious of the world’s problems and courageous to find solutions,
  • Aspiring to develop tech driven social innovations in teamwork,
  • Eager to know more about him/herself, increase self awareness,
  • Enthusiastic about growing together.

*Students from 9. 10. and 11. grades are ideal candidates for Global Impact High School Program. We encourage students from 12th grade to apply to Global Impact University Program.

*Global Impact High School Program is open to students from all around the world. Program offers content in English, so at minimum a medium level of English proficiency is required.

How to Apply?
Apply to YGA Summit

50,000+ high school and university students apply for YGA Summit every year. The applications are made through an online form on YGA website. YGA Advisory Board and Alumni invite 2000 students to the YGA Summit every year after screening and reviewing 50,000+ applications. All applicants may watch YGA Summit online by a password provided to them.

YGA Advisory Board, Alumni and Students take part in the YGA Summit as speakers. They share inspiring stories about how they brought social innovation projects to life in a culture of trust and their exceptional leadership journey. The attending students have a chance to learn more about the vision, culture, projects and programs of YGA.

Apply for Global Impact High School Program

Online application for Global Impact High School Program opens after YGA Summit every year. Applications are reviewed by the Program Advisory Board composed of YGA Advisory Board and Alumni. Selected applicants are invited to face to face interviews. Students who are not invited to YGA Summit can still apply for the program, since they will be able to watch YGA Summit online.


After online applications’ review, the selected students are invited to face to face interviews for an in-depth dialog. YGA does not look for past academic achievements but potential to embrace and spread YGA values.

“In YGA, we look for potential, not the background.”
Cihangir Kavuncu, YGA Advisory Board, VP of Unicredit
Program Schedule
Spring 2020

YGA 101 | YGA 101 is a 3-day introductory camp in which students;

  • Learn about YGA vision, culture and values
  • Team up and get to know their team members
  • Learn how to carry out “Science Sessions” with disadvantaged students
  • Attend fundamental trainings:
    • Managing Time
    • Effective Meetings
  • Meet with their mentors, who are YGA graduates, and start their Knowing Self Journey
  • Meet with YGA Advisory Board to learn more about their experience and expertise

YGA 101 will take place in Tasigo Hotel in Eskişehir on 13 - 15 March.
*Dates and locations are subject to change.

Science Session Trips | Students travel to carry out Science Sessions in different cities, take Twin Science Kits to disadvantaged children. Twin is a fun and informative robotics & coding set that improves the imagination of children. It is composed of electronic modules that can be connected to each other with magnets. Children can easily produce the latest technologies such as robots and autonomous cars. For more information, visit www.twin.com.tr

In science sessions, students teach children how to make projects with Twin Science Kits, show them that science is not complicated, and fun. They will aim to increase the curiosity in children and change their perspective about science from difficult and boring to exciting and fun.

Students will travel two times for a day-long Science Session Trips during Spring Term, one in April and one in May. Dates will be announced at the YGA 101 Camp.

“During the YGA science session travels that I have embarked on intending to be a hope for others, I realized that indeed, they were a hope for me. This hope primarily has shown me that a single team’s work could actually affect the lives of tens, hundreds, thousands of children. Therefore, I have started learning how to break down stereotypical leadership characteristics with the team spirit that YGA had. This was a priceless experience for me and its biggest impact was that even if the program ends, it will always continue to shed light on my life.”
İpek Naz Öbek, Robert College
Program Schedule
Summer 2020

YGA Social Innovation Camp

YGA Social Innovation Camp takes plavimeoce in Özyeğin University Campus in İstanbul from 30th of June to 9th of July. Camp consists of two parts; Open Innovation Week & Science Camp.

Part 1 Open Innovation Week

During “Open Innovation Week”, students will work on a solution for one of the challenges of İstanbul community. In teams, they will learn how to follow the design sprint steps: map, sketch, decide, prototype and test. They will work with YGA Advisory Board and Alumni in all these steps.

They turn their solution to a start-up idea. At the end of the week, they will pitch their start up idea to YGA Advisory Board and Executives from İstanbul Municipality. Winning team will have a chance to present their idea to a bigger audience and to Mayor of İstanbul himself, in Open Innovation Summit, where startups and student teams from all around the world who compete their ideas in Open Innovation Platform will attend.

Part 2 Science Camp

“Science Camp” is organized for children who designed a project using Twin Science Kits to solve a social problem in their hometown. Students in Global Impact High School Program become mentors to those children in the camp to help them carry out their own projects. During the week, high school students become role models to those children. Children, witnessing High School Students, learn how to approach difficult problems, respect others’ ideas, give feed forwards, express appreciation and learn from failures. At the end of the week, high school students organizes a graduation ceremony for children.

For Who?

Summer Internship

All Global Impact High School Program students are given the opportunity of a one-week internship in YGA or one of YGA Ventures: Twin, WeWALK, PoiLabs, Piri and TYT. Students will work directly with co founders or executives of these organizations, in order to witness;

  • How they take difficult decisions
  • How they promote trust culture
  • How they manage time, meetings and their teams
  • How they prioritize in their busy schedule
  • How they deal with crisis

During their internship week, students will have a chance to shadow a different YGA Board Member or Co founder of one of YGA Ventures for at least half a day.

There will be 3 or 4 internship dates and different internship positions. Students will be able to choose their internship date and position according to their interest.

“Genuine interest of the YGA graduates was something I have never seen anywhere else. They supported us and made us feel that whenever we needed help they would help and stand behind us. ”
Deniz Özbay, VKV Koç High School

Fall 2020

YGA 201 | YGA 201 is a 2-day camp in which students;

  • Receive an individual assessment report includes feed backs from their team member, team lead, program mentors and internship supervisors.
  • Reflect on their individual assessment reports in teams and decide on a development area to focus in the rest of program
  • Attend sessions of YGA Graduate Mentores, sharing individual learnings on their own transformative journey.
  • Work on planning Science Session Trips of Fall Term.

Science Session Trips | Students will travel two times for a day-long Science Session trip during Fall Term too, one in October and one in November. Dates will be announced at the YGA 101 Camp.

Global Impact Program Fee is 17.500 tl per student. Click here to see the details about Program Fee and Scholarship opportunities.

What differentiates Global Impact High School Program?

Field-based vs. Classroom | Students improve their skills by taking responsibility on the field.

Role Models | Students learn by witnessing to role models; YGA Advisory Board and Alumni.

Learning by Teaching | Students learn by teaching children in science sessions and science camp.

Impact for not tens but thousands | Students’ voluntary hours will serve to society through social innovation projects they work which will reach to thousands.

Value Based Leadership

Program Sponsors

Explore each of these concepts from the global experts;

  • Value Based Leadership
  • Tech for Good
  • Social Impact Driven Entrepreneurship

Tech for Good

Social Impact Driven Entrepreneurship
Competencies Gained By Global Impact High School Program
Self Awareness
Students improve their ability to accurately recognize one’s own emotions, thoughts, and values and how they influence behavior.
Social Awareness
Students improve their ability to take the perspective of and empathize with others, including those from diverse backgrounds and cultures.
Self Management
By taking a lot of responsibility, students learn how to manage their time and energy.
Growth Mindset
Students improve their ability to adopt a growth mindset; learning from feedback, embracing challenges and being inspired by the success of others.
Decision Making
Students improve their ability to make difficult decisions based on values and purpose.

Global Impact High School Graduates
Program Fee

Global Impact Program Fee is 17.500 tl per student.

Program fee includes:

  • Accommodations, seminar rooms, meals and materials of YGA 101 (3 day), Social Innovation Camp (10 days) and YGA 201 (2 days).
  • YGA Summit After Party.
  • Graduation Party (Parents are invited).

*All costs related to Science Session Trips are covered by Science Movement Project.

Program fee does not include:

  • Airfairs or busfairs if students are living outside of İstanbul and need to travel for program events.
  • Individual transportation costs (Taxi to where event occurs).
  • Individual transportation and meals during internship.

Payments can be made at once in February or in 3 installments in February, March and April.

Why there is a program fee?

YGA is a nonprofit organization. Global Impact High School Program is funded by donations and fees.

Total cost of this program includes accommodations, meals, materials, a part of transportation of events and half of employer cost of program team.

Scholarships are covered by donations.


Need based scholarship is available for every one out of three students in the program.

  • Students in public schools can apply to scholarship of this program.
  • Students in private schools but with need scholarship can apply to scholarship of this program.


Students graduated from this program will be given;

A certificate of 240 community service hours in YGA signed by YGA president.

Recommendation letter for their university admission signed by YGA President.

Global Impact Community

Graduates of this program; become a life long member of YGA Global Impact Community.

After high school graduation, they can apply to Global Impact University program with strong recommendations from High School Program.

Global Impact University Program does not have program fee.

Merve Dikiciler
Program Leader
[email protected]